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Baby singing and signing encourages the overall speech development. For details on our sing and sign classes, speak to team of experts.

Sing and sign experts for your baby

As a part of typical development, before the speech is well-established, babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them. For example, they may point, shake their heads, clap their hands or wave 'bye bye'. This is a good time to introduce some extra gestures to help your baby communicate. It's easy and your baby will really enjoy it! Baby signing gives your baby a head start to speech development - it's great fun and you will love how quickly and easily your baby picks up new signs!
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Baby signing and singing made easy

Trained staff
Little Angels Nursery is affiliated with the national Sing and Sign programme and our fully-trained staff implement the programme at key opportunities throughout the nursery day.

Baby signing works!
Baby signing is wonderfully rewarding and fantastic. You will be amazed at what your baby is capable of before being able to talk.

Speech development
This programme is widely recognised by speech and language experts and is beneficial in encouraging the development of a child's speech. Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can use the signs to communicate with you.

Why Choose Little Angels Nursery?

Fun, engaging, stimulating activities for your baby.

Your child's safety and security is our paramount concern.
Healthy eating and active play policies offer a healthy start. 
We provide daily diaries and full information about your child's progress.
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If you need sing and sign classes for your baby in Cardiff, call Little Angels Nursery
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